Heather Pyle, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Psychoanalyst

Talking with a professional in an open, respectful atmosphere can help you gain insight and 
perspective about issues in your life that may seem stressful, overwhelming, depressing, or 
even hopeless.  Sometimes these feelings can be triggered by recent occurrences such as the 
loss of a relationship, a crisis at work,  a move, a traumatic experience, or other changes in life 
circumstances.  Other times, the issues seem to be part of a bigger picture of unhappiness, 
anxiety, or feelings of failure that have been around for awhile leaving you frustrated and 
confused about why things haven't changed.   

I will work collaboratively with you to explore the issues you're struggling with and to identify any 
patterns that may contribute to your experience of yourself and your relationships.  With a 
deeper understanding of your life and who you are as a unique person, it becomes possible to 
heal and to discover new ways of moving forward and making important changes in your life.

Psychotherapy involves confidential, safe, and collaborative dialogue with a trained 
professional. My background includes a doctorate in clinical psychology, over 8 years of 
intensive post-doctoral training in the practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy and 
psychoanalysis, and active involvement in the training and supervision of fellow professionals.  I 
have over 20 years of experience in the field providing a broad range of clinical services and 
have worked with the full spectrum of psychological diagnoses impacting adults.  

Everyone experiences their problems differently.  
My goal is to provide a therapeutic space that you will be able to trust
and use to understand these difficult personal experiences.

~ Profound changes in quality of life can be possible ~